WG Airlock

High-Capacity Airlock

The WG Airlock is a fabricated wiper style airlock. It has a fabricated non-machined housing with a 6-vane urethane flex tip rotor. Handles a high capacity throughput. The WG Airlock is ideal for handling wood and grain dust from a dust collector hopper discharge.


  • Urethane flex tip rotor
  • Rated for -20” w.c. operation
  • Fabricated housing
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Round inlet/outlet flanges
  • Right angle gear box with chain drive
  • Maximum operating temperature of 220° F
  • Fabricated 6 vane carbon steel rotor
  • Sealed self-aligning 4 bolt flange with drive
  • 230/460V, 3 PH, 60 Hz


  • Custom colors
  • Custom bolt hole patterns
  • Square inlet/outlet flanges
  • Extended shaft (WG10 EXT only)

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