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Kraft Heinz encompasses smart milling solution for oat-based cereal brand

Why the Netherlands’ No. 1 cereal manufacturer has chosen Kemutec mills for over 20 years.

When Kraft Heinz needed to relocate production for Brinta, their classic oat-based cereal brand, they immediately turned to their long-time mill solutions supplier, Kemutec — now part of Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials.

In order to meet their evolving production needs, Kraft Heinz required a smart milling solution that fulfilled the latest ATEX regulations.

Meeting customer requirements
Kraft Heinz’s milling solution needed to cover two key processes: milling the raw oat grain and most importantly, receiving the cooked oat flakes from a drum dryer and grinding them to an exact specification.

In order to comply with ATEX guidelines, Kraft Heinz needed their solution to convey the oat flakes’ directly to the packaging lines while incorporating safety venting to protect workers and equipment from dust explosions.

Brinta-oat-based cereal brand

Kemutec KEK Universal Mill

For fine grinding of raw ingredients
To address the first part of the process — milling raw oat grain — Kemutec recommended the KEK Involute Universal Turbine Mill.

This solution offers a separate collection filter with an outfeed for the finely ground product.

With one pass grinding, optimal temperature control and flexibility, the KEK Involute Universal Turbine Mill meant Kraft Heinz could trust in the safe delivery of a high-quality end product.

To meet ATEX requirements, the mill is designed with a reduced explosion pressure of 1 barg, with additional protection via an air inlet non-return valve. Its collection filter also has an explosion panel for flameless indoor venting and enclosed, certified in-and-outlet rotary valves.

Kemutec KEK Universal Mill

Kemutec KEK Cone Mill

For coarse grinding of flakes

Working at the heart of production, the KEK Cone Mill’s reliability and flexibility made it the obvious choice for receiving and grinding the cooked Brinta flakes.

It offers operatives the ability to control product bulk density and, by changing beater speeds via a frequency inverter, adjust particle size distribution. The result is a consistently, high-quality end product.

In accordance with ATEX regulations, Kemutec recommended a 10 barg design. The mill was integrated into a vacuum transport, delivering a flexible layout that provided easy access for inspection or cleaning. The robust and compact system design also delivered long-term reliability with low overall cost of ownership.

Kemutec KEK Cone Mill

Long-term value

All of Kemutec’s solutions were developed in close collaboration with Kraft Heinz and with Kemutec specialists supervising the installation of new equipment.

In addition to their milling solutions, Kemutec also offered Kraft Heinz spares, maintenance services and technical advice. The quality of Kemutec manufacturing has been proven time and again — Kraft Heinz only recently ordered a spare beater after their original product had been operational for 17 years. Part delivery is often extremely fast as many are manufactured in-house, ensuring excellent availability and speedy dispatch.

Overall, Kraft Heinz’s new solution means a longer product lifecycle and reduced energy consumption. This translates directly to a lower cost of ownership and reduced operational costs. Kraft Heinz continues to be highly satisfied with their Kemutec solution, with the confidence that quality equipment will always prove value for money.

Kemutec mills offer that same value to countless customers around the globe. With the ability to mill all kinds of flakes with increased throughput, Kemutec mills can be used to grind everything from oats, corn, algae, rice and potato to extruding starch, dextrose, sugar, breadcrumbs and more.

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