Connecting farm fields to food manufacturers

From raw grains and seeds to quality ingredients

Processed grains are found in an enormous range of food ingredients and other products. The manufacture of everything from alternative proteins to pet food depends on a continuous supply of uniform, clean, high-quality grain products. These crops even find their way into non-food applications such as renewable biofuels including ethanol and biodiesel.

The variety of products produced by grain processing is vast, as is the grain itself:

  • Corn, to produce oil for use in cooking or as an ingredient, starch for use in other processes, or meal as a core ingredient
  • Legumes and pulses such as soybeans and mung beans, pressed for oil or dried and ground for plant-based protein
  • Oilseeds such as canola (rapeseed) for cooking oil
  • Cereal grains such as oats, rye and wheat, used whole, cracked or milled to make flour

For more than five decades, versatile Schenck Process FPM solutions have been used to support all of these applications, helping to complete the key intermediate process steps that prepare commodity farm crops for use in food manufacturing or direct sale to consumers and commercial customers.

High output, low cost of ownership
We have deep expertise in key process steps associated with large-scale grain processing including weighing, feeding, conveying both mechanical and pneumatic, milling and screening, dust control and combustible dust hazard mitigation. This, combined with our ability to engineer solutions that integrate seamlessly into your process flows, enables us to deliver exactly what’s needed for the optimum mix of efficiency, performance and cost of ownership.

Our collaborative design and engineering approach, coupled with custom manufacturing capabilities, plays an important role. For example, a given pneumatic conveying process may be driven by pressure or vacuum, and may involve either dilute phase or dense phase conveying of a variety of materials. By working together with you and leveraging expertise and experience in addition to class-leading technology, we guide you to the correct solution.

We also help you focus on profitability. A high level of process control is part of our solutions, with automation and equipment monitoring that works in tandem with innovative equipment features to optimize energy use, service life and uptime. All of our equipment is also designed to be easy to clean and maintain, helping you improve productivity, reduce loss and maintain rigorous quality and hygiene standards.

The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Design expertise
We engineer processes such as dust control so that they are inherently efficient and economical, to make more effective use of equipment investments.

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Patented technologies
We have unique solution offerings such as an energy-efficient dust filter cleaning mechanism for use in bag houses that does not rely on compressed air.

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Knowledge- and data-driven solutions
Our solution development approach starts with gaining a thorough understanding of process parameters such as plant layout, transfer points, flow rates and material handling requirements.

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