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Putting the pieces together from end to end

Schenck Process FPM delivers complete solutions for your real-world needs, based on deep process and engineering expertise, supported by an extensive collection of services.

World-class process technology is just the beginning

We look at your situation and requirements from end to end: your facility, process, existing systems and infrastructure, in-house capabilities, performance goals and more. We then work closely with you to find and implement the best solution – the one that’s right for your specific needs.

We serve you comprehensively, with everything from expert services that span your solution to equipment upgrades and parts support. We’re also leveraging digitalization to help optimize performance and efficiency as well as providing you with remote, expert support services through our Schenck Process FPM Connect platform.


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Design & engineering

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Digital automation, monitoring & optimization

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Lifecycle solution support

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Project management & execution

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Test & innovation centers

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Upgrades & refurbishments

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We take a distinctive approach to the processes that drive manufacturing. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals for efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability.

Delivering innovation

Good results come from thorough understanding and careful attention. In everything we do, we look at the big picture. That far-reaching view encompasses everything from industry trends to the most intricate design and engineering detail and the overall effectiveness and safety of our solutions. It’s about how our work fits into the larger context of your business.

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Success stories
Coffee roaster delivered on increased demand

Coffee roaster benefits from adopting new conveying technologies.

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Success stories
Removing grain dust

Company installs new dust collection systems to help control grain dust.