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Class-leading solutions for cereal production

Ready-to-eat breakfast cereals are an enormously popular, convenient breakfast choice. To capture consumer interest in this multi-billion-dollar market, manufacturers need to innovate continuously, offering new high-quality options in form, flavor and nutrition.

Manufacturers around the world rely on Schenck Process FPM solutions for all types of breakfast cereals, including:

  • Traditional and extruded flakes
  • Coated/frosted cereals
  • Expanded/puffed shapes
  • Shredded cereals
  • Co-extruded filled cereals
  • Granola

Helping you stay ahead of changing tastes
Decades of experience and deep industry expertise enable us to collaborate with you to tailor your cereal product to meet local preferences for taste, texture and form. Our test & innovation centers can provide laboratory-scale process solutions for research, product development and marketing purposes, and have test kitchens to help you fine-tune recipes and processes to optimize flavor and physical characteristics, consistency and quality.

Enabling greater efficiency and quality
Our equipment and processes are flexible and modular, enabling technology to be added or changed as needed for steps such as drying, tempering, frosting and glazing. A variety of cereal types and shapes can be produced with simple, quick changeover.

A high level of process control is part of our solutions, with extensive automation and equipment monitoring that works in tandem with innovative equipment features to optimize performance.

All of our equipment is also designed to be easy to clean and maintain, and we’re a leader in efficient material handling and dust control—helping you improve productivity, reduce loss and maintain rigorous quality and hygiene standards. For example, we offer a novel preconditioning unit that is mounted to the floor adjacent to the extruder. This allows for easy removal of components for cleaning away from the extruder itself.

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Success stories
Smart milling solution for Kraft Heinz cereal brand

Why the Netherlands’ No. 1 cereal manufacturer has chosen Kemutec mills for over 20 years.


The Schenck Process FPM difference

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More efficient, effective processes
Our efficient, direct steam injection pressure cooker technology maintains health benefits and allows flavored liquid liquor ingredients to be added after it’s brought up to pressure.

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More consistent results
Our cookers have a rotating double-conical design that promotes better circulation and even ingredient mixing.

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Precise, efficient flake production
Our flaking mill rollers put more mechanical energy into flakes to enable better toasting and have oscillating scraper blades for quick, efficient product removal.

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