Quality and consistency at any scale

From everyday staples to artisan specialties

Whether it’s continuous, high-output automated bread baking or small-batch production of premium baked goods, commercial bakeries need dependable, efficient solutions for sifting, mixing and forming as part of their overall process flow.

Schenck Process FPM bakery solutions are in use around the world, making a tremendous variety of baked goods, including:

  • Tinned bread loaves for toast and sandwiches
  • Premium bread loaves coated with oats, bran or other sprinkled coatings
  • Fruited and seeded loaves such as raising bread and rye
  • Artisan baked goods such as rustic loaves, brioche, boules or soda bread
  • Buns & rolls
  • Baguettes & batons
  • Pizza dough
  • Breadcrumbs & panko

Batch-to-batch consistency
No matter what the application or how large (or small) the bakery, the goal is the same: to deliver the best possible product every day, without compromise.

Accurate ingredient control is essential. Our technology enables precise mixing even at the high speeds required for large-scale automated baking, along with proportional flour weighing and water blending. Live temperature sensing and automated feedback enables the process to adapt in real time, delivering the right water temperature and ingredient proportions for consistent results every time.

Enabling greater efficiency
By improving energy use, reducing downtime and improving productivity, we help keep your bakery operating at its peak potential.

  • Innovations such as supercooled mixing bowls that reduce dough temperature by several degrees quickly, to speed throughput.
  • Simple, accessible design to make cleaning easier and faster, to keep machines in service while helping to eliminate the possibility of contamination.
  • Mixers that can operate at a specified energy level to maximize efficiency while delivering precise results.
  • Automated process controls that link machines to continuously optimize production.
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Success stories
Generating efficiencies for the bakery industry

Kemutec provides quality and safety in baking applications through sifting solutions.


The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Tailored solutions
Test kitchens to match your recipe to local tastes, custom manufacturing and expert integration of our technology into your facility.

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Compliance certification guaranteed
Technology ATEX type certified for Zone 20 internally and 21 externally, and EU Food Compliant (EC) No 1935/2004.

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Gentler handling
Our mixers, rounders and formers are designed to reduce dough damage to reduce waste and maintain the highest quality.

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