Pet food

Keeping our companions healthy and safe

A higher standard of pet food production

Pet food and human food may be different, but the needs and expectations are the same: quality, consistency, safety and nutrition. Whether it’s gentle, food-safe pneumatic conveying that minimizes ingredient degradation and breakage, or filters, feeders, extruders and mixers designed to be easy to clean to ensure hygiene, attention to the outcome is a hallmark of Schenck Process FPM pet food manufacturing solutions.

Turnkey process solutions for pet food

We work with pet food manufacturers of all sizes in markets worldwide, from low-volume specialty producers with complex needs to companies producing tons of product every hour.
Our versatile solutions enable the production of a wide range of pet food, all in a variety of customized shapes and sizes:

  • Dry pet food
  • Wet pet food
  • Fish feed flakes
  • Pet food treats

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Success stories
Overcoming pet food material feeding challenges

Multicor S40 ensures accurate measuring of dry pet food.


The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Your proven pet food partner
More than 50 years of success means we know what it takes to manufacture safe, nutritious pet food and treats efficiently and profitably

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Industry-leading equipment
From pet food extruders to kibbling machines, our products have a strong track record of durability, efficiency and effectiveness in pet food manufacturing

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Addressing your challenges
Through solutions such as re-work systems for reducing wastage and improving profitability, our teams can optimize your processes cost-effectively at every relevant stage

Typical pet food process showing the manufacturing of kibble

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