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Versatile solutions for snack manufacturing

The quick and easy convenience of snacks has made the category enormously popular around the world. The challenge is to keep at the leading edge of ever-changing consumer preference with forms and flavors that will capture attention and market share.

Efficient, automated extrusion technology from Schenck Process FPM is used to manufacture a vast array of sweet and savory snacks, from simple extruded shapes to filled (and even twin-filled) co-extruded items using everything from corn, wheat, rye and rice to potato flour as input.

Processes and technology designed for versatility
Our twin-screw extruders and associated equipment are flexible, modular and highly automated, making it easy to change recipe and process parameters such as dry ingredient weighing and mixing, feed rate for flavoring and other additives, cooking time and run speed, along with extrusion dies—all without alterations to the basic production process or technology.

The machines are also designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning in place. This enables you to fine-tune your product—or switch to something entirely new—quickly, efficiently and hygienically, with minimal downtime. For example, our coating solutions can incorporate twin coating drums mounted above the dryer infeed, which allows for a quick changeover from the drum that needs to be maintained to one that’s just been cleaned.

Finding the perfect product to help you stand out
We have long experience in consumer markets around the world, which gives us insight into local tastes and expectations and what it takes to meet them. We can work with you, leveraging our knowledge and test kitchens to optimize your product so that it strikes the correct balance of form, texture and flavor to appeal to your customers.

This collaboration extends to the process and manufacturing technology itself. Our process solutions are focused on your desired end result. We have extensive custom manufacturing capabilities and a hands-on approach to integration that makes the best use of our engineering expertise.

The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Test & Innovation Centers
We can build working proof-of-concept demonstrations and laboratory-scale solutions to ensure that your process will perform exactly as expected.

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Class-leading crimping technology
Our crimper technology uses a unique mechanical ejection and release system to prevent sticky ingredients from causing problems when manufacturing filled snacks.

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From automation to optimization
We’re enhancing our digital technology to further optimize the performance of processes as well as equipment through real-time monitoring and control .

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