Consistent quality at an batch size

Turnkey solutions for powder processing

Schenck Process FPM provides complete, fully integrated powder coatings process solutions that are highly automated, leveraging digital technology to minimize the need for operator intervention—a complete powder coating production line with one control system.

These end-to-end solutions are made possible by a combination of engineering expertise and our comprehensive selection of energy-efficient equipment, ranging from feeders and twin-screw extruders to pneumatic conveyors, cooling systems and cyclone classifier mills—everything needed to design, deploy operate and support your solution from a single, experienced source.

Technology uniquely suited for powder handling and processing

The trend in powder coatings production is towards smaller batch sizes and high product quality to better respond to customer expectations. That’s putting pressure on manufacturers to keep their equipment running at peak performance while at the same time improving efficiency and reducing cost in their production processes.

The materials being handled—epoxy, polyester, acrylic and hybrid powders—can be challenging. Many of these materials are temperature-sensitive, requiring processes that can deliver high throughput without adding excess heat. Prevention of buildup within the machinery as well as ease of cleaning are essential to reduce the need for maintenance and spare parts.

Schenck Process FPM powder processing solutions are optimized for this operating environment. All of our equipment is designed for ease of access for cleaning and maintenance. This, along with efficient, low-buildup material handling and dust control speeds changeover from batch to batch to maintain operational efficiency. Our integrated control systems also make it easy to quickly and accurately adjust process parameters for optimum quality while minimizing the need for human intervention.

Our solutions also offer unique technology advantages for powder processing. Our patented infeed design, for example, prevents material buildup while maintaining high throughput. We also offer cooling technology that prevents hot spot-related precuring of the powder.

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New end-to-end solution for the powder coating industry

Since coming together in 2020, Kemutec and Baker Perkins have invested considerable resources into optimizing and configuring their equipment, systems and processes in tandem to develop the ultimate, seamless, end-to-end powder coating production process.


Powder coating & paint capabilities

End-to-end process solutions engineered to enhance efficiency and throughput help powder coatings manufacturers maintain the highest levels of product consistency.

The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Patented technology
Our unique MAX3 feed system stabilizes torque, which increases throughput. Equal to side feeding, but with less cost and maintenance.

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Ideal for small batch sizes
Our technology can support processes at any scale, from the lab bench to commercial production at 2,000 kg/hour.

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Test and innovation centers
We can set up proof-of-concept process simulations in the UK and US to fine-tune your process before implementation.

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