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Efficient process solutions for sugar confectionery

Schenck Process FPM can deliver integrated, automated confectionery systems that enhance control over production and integrate weighing, feeding, sifting, conveying, cooking, depositing and cooling: total plant automation from raw ingredient to finished candy.

Our depositing technology plays a key role in the manufacture of a wide variety of candies, including:

  • Gummies and jellies
  • Hard candy and lollipops
  • Toffees and caramels
  • Fondant and fudge

Inherently efficient, hygienic depositing
Depositing into solid molds is the modern, efficient and hygienic alternative to traditional processes such as starch molding, die forming and cut-and-wrap. Our depositing process solutions are highly automated and there is virtually no waste and no molding starch to clean, dry and recycle so product costs are minimized, even at low volumes. Mold materials and construction are carefully chosen to match the characteristics of the product, to deliver high-quality candies that have a uniform size, shape and weight with a glossy finish and smooth texture.

Our technology can also produce products that cannot be made efficiently using traditional processes. For example, the quality and productivity delivered by our patented lollipop stick placing system are truly unique in the industry.

Adding value throughout the confectionery manufacturing process
Our confectionery solutions target key needs and concerns:

  • Starch-free depositing adds value like no other process can: multi-colors, center-fills, inclusions and 3D shapes are just some of the ways that candy manufacturers can add interest and variety.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance ensure less downtime and hygienic production.
  • Contaminant elimination through efficient screening and metal detection technology.

Our ability to enhance the value of ingredients during processing improves economy. For example, we can efficiently grind inexpensive granulated sugar into fine-powder 6x, 10x or 12x sugar, ingredients that are both more expensive and more difficult to convey. We also have highly effective and efficient sifting and de-lumping solutions to optimize ingredient use and eliminate waste.

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Success stories
Chocolate bar processing

A confectioner installs six volumetric feeders in a new make-your-own candy bar production line to accurately dispense small ingredient amounts into chocolate base bars.


The Schenck Process FPM difference

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High-quality products and unbeatable productivity
We provide full process lines for a wide variety of high-quality hard candies, lollipops, gummies and soft confectionery. High levels of automation and efficiency keep product costs low.

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Scalable solutions
Our technology is efficient at any throughput from 50kg/hour to 2,400kg/hour, unlike processes that are rate limited or only cost-effective at large scale.

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Ingredient handling with less degradation
Leading technology for handling and processing cocoa and milk powders, granulated and liquid sweeteners, salts and starches.

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