Supporting and enhancing power generation plants

Improving efficiency and longevity

As the energy industry continues its shift towards lower-impact fuels in pursuit of carbon reduction, there remains a need for existing solid fuel plants to deliver electricity as efficiently and cleanly as possible. To extend the useful life of these facilities, energy companies look for every opportunity to improve fuel handling and feeding, enhance generation, update equipment and reduce overall environmental impact.
We’ve been actively involved in helping energy companies achieve these goals in many parts of the world for decades, drawing on deep expertise and technology leadership in areas such as:

  • Solution engineering
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Gravimetric feeding
  • Environmental mitigation including dry sorbent and activated carbon injection and dust collection

An ability to see the big picture
Schenck Process FPM solutions play a key role in optimizing these plants by providing new or improved technology where needed, supporting and upgrading existing technology when appropriate, and optimizing the performance of processes—even when they involve equipment from other manufacturers.
The key to our (and your) success is end-to-end, relevant expertise—the energy industry-specific knowledge and experience to find solutions that deliver the desired results.

Aftermarket parts and materials
Through the ReSource eCommerce portal we’re leveraging technology to make sourcing select parts and materials for Stock and other leading brands easier and more streamlined. Experienced and knowledgeable engineers are also always available to assist with special needs.

The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Seamless continuity
With internal custom manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to restore equipment originally installed decades ago and return it to OEM specs.

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Expertise beyond the equipment
Our engineers draw on decades of industry experience and take a total solution approach, from integrating technologies to optimizing processes for reliability, accuracy and efficiency.

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Digital enablement
Investments in technology including our Connect digital platform are making it possible to monitor equipment in real time to optimize performance and maintenance.

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