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Scalable solutions for nutraceutical production

The health supplement business is thriving as consumers worldwide take a greater interest in maintaining long-term health and preventing or alleviating conditions without the use of drugs.

This growing global market for everything from vitamins, immunity support and antioxidants to CBD—expected to exceed half a trillion dollars US over the next few years*—is capturing the attention of manufacturers all over the world, large and small.

The equipment and processes used in manufacturing nutraceuticals in the form of 2D and 3D molded gummies or hard candies are the same as confectionery, but this dynamic industry has its own distinct challenges—and that calls for solutions designed specifically for nutraceuticals.

Nutraceutical product portfolios tend to be widely varied, with relatively small batch sizes. Manufacturers need to be able to switch from one product to another quickly, and process efficiency at small batch sizes is critical. There may also be ingredients that pose special challenges, such as sensitivity to heat. By meeting special requirements such as these, our technology is able to give you the edge you need to stay competitive.

The flexibility you seek. The accuracy and efficiency you need.
Schenck Process FPM solutions for nutraceutical manufacturing are optimized for both hard candy and gummy manufacturing, and are based on efficient, accurate starch-free depositing into solid molds. This is of particular importance when producing popular gummy forms.
Compared to the use of starch molds often used for large-scale gummy manufacturing, starch-free depositing offers a number of advantages:

  • Greater energy and space efficiency
  • Optimized for smaller batch sizes with rapid changeover.
  • Hygienic, with less chance of cross-contamination
  • Avoids the cost of cleaning, drying and replenishing associated with starch molds
  • Delivers a smooth finish for greater consumer appeal

Future-proofing your business
In the nutraceutical industry, changes can come quickly—and bring with them new manufacturing challenges.

For example, there’s emerging interest in center-filled products containing active ingredients that cannot tolerate the heat of conventional manufacturing processes.

We give you access to patented technology that enables the use of these ingredients with far less degradation—enabling compelling new offerings for your customers.

* Industry market growth estimates from the International Market Analysis Research and Consulting Group (

The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Tailored solutions
Engineering, integration and implementation based on a deep understanding of nutraceutical manufacturing

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Built for safety and longevity
All of our equipment is designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning, to help ensure hygienic production

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Scalable, cost-efficient production
Cost-efficient manufacturing from small batches to high-output continuous production: 50-2,400 kg/hour.

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