Purpose-built for polymers

Adapting to the needs of a diverse industry

Our process solutions address the complete plastic manufacturing cycle from bulk bag unloading to compounding and on to the finished product—including handling difficult materials such as fibrous ingredients. Extensive plastics industry experience and expertise gives us the ability to deliver highly automated, optimized solutions at any scale from the lab bench to major manufacturing facilities.
Our solutions are used by many of the world’s largest producers of plastics, making a vast array of products, such as:

  • • Pellets, granules and powders
  • • Extruded and formed parts made from materials such as PVC, polyethylene and bio-based polymers
  • • Fibers made from polyester and polypropylene
  • • Expanded and film-based products including polyolefin shrink wrap, plastic bags and tubing

Our comprehensive technology portfolio includes loss-in-weight and volumetric feeders, dilute- and dense-phase conveying systems, milling and mixing technologies, highly efficient dust control systems, and industry-leading extruders

Enabling more sustainable plastic manufacturing
The emphasis on reducing environmental impact is driving innovation in the plastics industry, with growing interest in niche bioplastics made from renewable feedstocks, enhanced biodegradability, composting and increased use of remanufactured and post-consumer recycled content to supplement and extend virgin petrochemical feedstocks.

By drawing on experience in a wide range of industries, we’re able to meet the needs of traditional large-scale plastics manufacturing as well as the process challenges brought about by the use of non-traditional materials. For example, our extrusion and conveying technologies are widely used in food manufacturing process solutions around the world, where the use of material such as starch—a component of bioplastics—is commonplace.
We can also work with you to establish new processes or fine-tune existing ones to accommodate initiatives such as the increased use of recycled materials as a supplement to virgin feedstocks, with proof-of-concept demonstrations available at our dedicated test and innovation centers.

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Success stories
Feeding polymer ingredients

A company installs several load-cell-based loss-in-weight feeders to automate its ingredient feeding process and eliminate problems caused by manually handling and feeding the ingredients.


The Schenck Process FPM Difference

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Consistent performance at scale
Feeding and mixing solutions able to deliver accuracy of +/-0.5% at >40 tons/hour.

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Solution expertise
Our solution-oriented approach, custom manufacturing and implementation capabilities enable us to adapt to specific facility requirements such as stack height restrictions.

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Efficient technology
The precision of our weighing, feeding and extrusion solutions helps to minimize waste for efficient use of raw materials, and reduces the need for rework.

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