Building for the long haul

Durable process solutions for the cement industry

Our solutions for the production of cement have stood the test of time. A track record of more than 80 years all around the world has given us a thorough understanding of the harsh operating conditions that are a daily reality in the building materials industry—and what’s needed to keep plants running reliably and efficiently at scale.

Technology built for longevity and upgradeability, combined with extensive process expertise and hands-on experience delivered by on-site engineering and field service teams, yield high-quality solutions that continue to perform as expected, year after year.

That expertise and experience are critical to the success of our solutions. We look beyond the individual pieces of equipment to how they integrate with the process flow; this enables us to design for serviceability and efficiency throughout the plant.

Towards greater sustainability in the cement industry

The energy-intensive cement production process is one of the largest generators of CO2 in the world. Facing rising pressure to reduce overall environmental footprint, for years manufacturers have sought solutions including the use of alternative fuels, substituting alternative cementitious materials for clinker and leveraging the heat of the cement production process to keep harmful waste materials such as controlled substances out of the environment by destroying them in the calcining kiln.

Initiatives such as these often require adjustments to the well-established cement production process. Our technology and control systems are flexible and scalable, able to deliver the required energy efficiency, feeding and dosing precision when dealing with a wide variety of input materials—and we have the expertise to help ensure that the process continues to operate efficiently as changes are made.

Image for Precise metering and blending for calcined clay kiln
Success stories
Precise metering and blending for calcined clay kiln

Learn how Schenck Process FPM helped advance sustainability at the world’s largest calcined clay kiln.


The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Long-term support
Much of the equipment we installed decades ago is still in service, and we continue to support it with parts, refurbishment and upgrades.

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Comprehensive technology
From milling, conveying, weighing, feeding and dust collection all the way to massive calcining kilns, we stand ready to support cement producers.

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Optimized solutions
Flexible technology and control systems readily accommodate changes to the process, such as the use of alternative fuels or raw material dosing alterations.

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