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Hygienic process solutions for the dairy industry

The remarkable flexibility of dried milk and egg products makes them useful in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Processed food ingredients and additives
  • Shelf-stable powdered milk and eggs
  • Nutritional supplements such as whey protein and albumin
  • Pharmaceutical excipients
  • Pet food protein
  • Lactose and pharma-spec powders

With such a diverse range of uses—each of which has its own requirements for properties such as bulk density, particle size, moisture content and more, solutions for dairy processing must be precisely tuned to the exact needs of the product being manufactured if they are to deliver the expected quality. These parameters change as the process’s output is directed to new purposes, which can create a significant efficiency and productivity challenge for manufacturers.

Our solutions for dairy processing are designed for flexibility, with modular, easily serviced components and adaptable control systems that enable dairy processors to quickly adapt to changing requirements—a result of the long experience and dedicated industry expertise that enables us to engineer fully integrated fit-for-purpose process solutions. We have a deep understanding not only of dairy processing, but the requirements of the industries that make use of dairy products. We are the supplier of choice for check sieving/policing of dairy powders at some of the largest confectionery and chocolate manufacturers in the world.

Food safety without compromise
In the dairy industry, hygiene is a fundamental requirement and we go to great lengths to ensure it at every level, from system design and integration to equipment manufacturing. All our solutions and technologies are built to comply with all applicable global regulatory standards and certifications, from USDA and FDA in the United States to EHEDG in Europe.

Our industry-specific knowledge helps to ensure every aspect of the solution from equipment design and fabrication to system installation, cleanability and maintenance adhere to the highest standards and most stringent customer requirements. A prime example is our dedicated stainless-steel manufacturing capacity: even the tooling used to manufacture equipment destined for the dairy industry is itself made of stainless steel, to eliminate any potential for contamination.

Image for Cone mill solution for Cremo provided by Kemutec
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Cone mill solution for Cremo provided by Kemutec

Leading dairy producer maximizes production with Kemutec.


The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Dedicated, hygienic fabrication
We have manufacturing facilities where all machinery and tooling is made of stainless steel—your equipment never comes in contact with mild or carbon steel.

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Full regulatory compliance
Our air classifier mills and cone mills are fully USDA-compliant.

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Adaptable, serviceable technology
Key process technologies are designed with components that can be changed quickly and simply for maintenance or to alter output parameters.

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