Efficient building material production

Supporting wallboard producers for 100 years

Whether it’s called wallboard or drywall, the simple paper-faced gypsum board that first appeared in the early 20th century revolutionized construction. And ever since it was invented, we’ve been helping manufacturers produce it.

The basic process has remained much the same, although changes have been made to improve efficiency, reduce weight and cost, and enhance the properties of the finished product. Today’s wallboard products frequently incorporate a variety of materials to change the characteristics of the board, or to produce a more sustainable and potentially lower-cost product.

Evolutions such as these require flexible process solutions that can produce the desired results consistently and efficiently, exactly according to specification. From grinding and weighing to calcining, conveying, feeding and mixing, that’s what we deliver.

By leveraging our industry experience and process expertise, we look beyond individual systems and take the entire, integrated process into account. This enables us to create automated process solutions engineered to meet the specific requirements of the product, with an eye towards delivering high product quality while controlling production costs.

The Schenck Process FPM Difference

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Design for precision and efficiency
Our technology produces optimal results, with accurate weighing and feeding, and efficient operation to keep energy and maintenance costs under control.

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Robust support
Service agreements are tailored to your requirements, and you have direct access to knowledgeable experts who are familiar with your solution.

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100 years of success
Long industry experience has given us deep insight into what works—knowledge that we carry forward into each new project.

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