Parallel Tunnel (PT45) Diverter Valve

Diverter Valve for Pneumatic Conveying Applications

This precision machined valve is designed to prevent contamination and provide line switching for either dilute or dense phase conveying. The two-way PT45 valve operates as a 1 to 2 way diverting valve or a 2 to 1 way converging valve in a pneumatic conveying system for powdered or granular materials.

The PT45 operates by rotating the tunnel forward and backwards in the housing by the actuator. This positions the tunnel to either the divert ports or the straight-through ports. The tunnel is supported by shaft bearings in the two end plates and between two thrust washers. The tunnel has position stops located in the housing for fine adjustment of both conveying positions. Tunnel position, whether straight-through or divert, indication is made by two proximity switches mounted in the housing, sensing directly off of the tunnel. A positive seal is made through the selected position between the tunnel bore and the housing interior by seal rings. During tunnel position changes, the seal rings act like a wiper to clean the surface of the tunnel.

  • Tunnel rotates 45° port to port which prevents contamination
  • 2-way switching capability for either dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying applications
  • Can operate at convey line pressures up to 110 psi
  • Aluminum housing and tunnel are hard anodized for wear resistance

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