Advanced material processing solutions

Staying at the forefront of trends in performance materials

Enterprises worldwide are looking for better, more sustainable and efficient performance materials process solutions. Schenck Process FPM is an active participant in this quest, delivering technology and expertise that span a vast array of industries. We’re helping our customers move into the future in both rising industries such as battery production and long-established ones such as cement and steel manufacturing.

This extensive experience and engineering expertise gives us the ability to develop new solutions for unmet needs in a wide range of industrial sectors. If you have a special requirement, are looking to manufacture a novel product or are looking to break ground in a new industry segment, reach out to us and we’ll help you find a solution.

Our approach sets us apart

Schenck Process FPM gives you access to a unique combination of technology, performance materials experience, manufacturing capacity and collaborative engineering expertise. With the ability to fully engineer your process, provide equipment across the production flow, integrate it seamlessly and support it far into the future, we can help you find the optimum solution to meet your needs.

We are solutions-driven and focused on the end outcome. That means going beyond the equipment we supply to take into account your entire process flow and how the technology enables it to function efficiently. Whether it’s integrating our solution into an existing process or building a greenfield plant from scratch, we have both the ability and the experience to ensure success.

Our expert engineers will work closely with you to design and deploy your solution. Where needed, we can leverage our custom manufacturing capabilities and test & innovation centers to set up proof-of-concept solutions.

The Schenck Process FPM difference

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Design for durability
Our technology is built to stand up to the extreme environmental conditions and difficult-to-handle materials often found in performance material processing.

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Focus on sustainability
We’ve developed large-scale solutions that are helping customers in industries such as cement and steel manufacturing reach their carbon footprint goals.

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Hands-on presence
Our engineers are directly involved in the design, deployment and commissioning of your solution.

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We take a distinctive approach to the processes that drive manufacturing. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals for efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability.