Outboard Bearing Rotary Valve (OBRV)

High-Efficiency Airlock

The Outboard Bearing Rotary Valve (OBRV) is a high efficiency airlock with minimum leakage blow-back. Outboard bearings provide the airlock with maximum bearing support. The OBRV is designed with shaft braided packing seals that are most frequently used where product contact could damage the seals and cause bearing failure.


  • Rugged construction
  • High efficiency
  • Outboard bearing design offers maximum support
  • Minimum leakage blow-back
  • Variety of rotor configurations
  • Packing glands inside the housing endplates to seal the cavity from the bearings
  • Bearings are fitted around the shaft ends in a separate cavity away from the valve body endplates with locking collar to hold the shaft in proper end-to-end alignment


  • Motion Indicator
  • Variable speed drives
  • Seal purge
  • Endplate purge (closed end rotors only)
  • Hard chrome plated

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