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Food manufacturer maximizes output with KEK Sifters

Kemutec sifting technologies enable flatbreads producer quick recipe expansion

A global leader in flatbread production with a long history of in-house expert bakers has recently expanded their product offering and as a core process technology to their production required high-quality In-Line Sifters for each new recipe line – in their state-of-the-art bakeries

Kemutec, part of Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials, was initially contacted to tender for the project, along with two other companies, to determine which Sifter and company services would be best suited to their needs. With a strong reputation in the food processing industry for its ability to supply new equipment and spare parts, Kemutec was seen as a potential partner, whose solutions are manufactured and engineered in the UK on a project-by-project basis through a knowledgeable and highly experienced in-house team.

As skilled bakers, the customer had an established process and needed an adaptable In-Line Sifter to work effectively with their existing equipment, in the new recipe lines. Kemutec demonstrated the versatility of its KEK sifting technology through its design of the body, which made it suitable for pressurized conveying, whilst also maintaining the ability for operators to access the sifter with ease.

KEK Sifters

Quality design and fast production secure win

For fine grinding of raw ingredients

To address the first part of the process — milling raw oat grain — Kemutec recommended the KEK Involute Universal Turbine Mill.

This solution offers a separate collection filter with an outfeed for the finely ground product.

The customer advised that timescales played a significant factor in their final decision. With the expansion of product lines, it was imperative that they were able to obtain the new machinery and have it installed as quickly as possible to recoup their upfront costs. Kemutec’s well-oiled production line and ease of availability meant that delivery times were considerably shorter than the competitors. By supplying customized In-Line Sifters, which had clear additional benefits such as their hygienic design and quick screen change capabilities, Kemutec was consequently awarded the initial order.

Kemutec’s continuously high-performing and reliable sifting technology, along with their unwavering support of the customer, resulted in the further supply of 12 machines. A focus on reliability, speedy availability of spares, comprehensive aftercare support and machine longevity ensured that purchasing an In-Line Sifter from them is a secure, long-term investment for the flatbread producer.

Hygienic Design, High Sift Volume

As a highly efficient sifting technology, that maximumizes output and uptime and is proven to be cost-effective and reliable, they are renowned for their quality and durability as well as:

  • High standards of hygiene and cleanliness
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Nominal vibration
  • Dust-tight connections
  • Simple removal and reassembly
  • Speedy screen changes
  • Ease of operation

With the ability to prevent contamination and ensure uniform particle size, the technology is ideal for the food powder processing industry.

There is no stronger endorsement than the customer’s continued relationship with Kemutec.

Kemutec is recognized globally as a quality brand for powder processing technologies that enable size reduction, reliable screening and size classification, as well as consistent mixing and blending. Their systems feature a variety of Sifters, Mixing Machines, and Milling Machines, backed by material handling solutions from Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials.

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