Effortlessly measuring your material flows

Flexible applications, full control

Having maximum control over material flows is critical to many kinds of production. From Coriolis scales to conveyor belt scales, baffle plates to measuring chutes: we offer a range of measuring technologies to ensure your bulk material flows are accurate – for seamless harmonization with the rest of your production.

Streamlining your processes

Whether inline, offset, or extra-narrow, standard formats or custom-built designs, our mass flow meters can be easily integrated into your existing systems. Ideal for a range of applications in different industries – including calibration, coordination of filling and loading phases, and precise regulation of dosing – mass flow meters bring clear advantages to your processes, ensuring efficient and continuous measuring of mass flows where and when you need it, for a superior end product.

Full control all the way down the line

We are full-service partners, here to support you at every step – from initial consultation through installation, maintenance, build-out and optimization. With every product and system we design, we strive to deliver engineering cost-effective solutions that bring maximum long-term stability, efficiency, and operational reliability to your processes.


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