VDP-C Apron Weighfeeder


The VDP-C is an apron weighfeeder with an integrated weighing technology for difficult-to-remove or hot bulk solids. It’s remarkable for its compact design and a short overall length.

With a feeding accuracy of +/- 0,5% and the choice of two plate types, it’s possible to precisely and reliably dispense different materials. The buckled plate is for hot, dry bulk solids with a small grain size, the HD-plate for damp bulk solids with a larger grain size.

The VDP-C is available in three different cladding designs, completely enclosed, open or open with a covered conveyer route. The latter two options are suited for dispensing materials with a temperature of up to 300 C°, the former option is suited for temperatures of up to 150 C°. The modular design of the VDP –C allows an installation in 48 geometric configurations that fulfill the requirements of almost every facility. The apron weighfeeder can be installed on the ground or suspended below a container.

These possibilities make the VDP-C very flexible and adaptable to meet the requirements for your workplace.

Completely enclosed model for feeding temperatures exceeding 150°C are available on request. Please contact us.


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