TruBake™ HiCirc Convection Ovens

A high-rate direct convection heating system

Stable baking environment for any product profile

The TruBake™ HiCirc oven uses a high-rate direct convection heating system developed over many years for a variety of product types. Airflow above and below the band gives a stable and predictable baking environment, with close control ensuring evenness of bake and good moisture extraction.

Baker Perkins Biscuit Oven Range

Baker Perkins’ ovens fulfil every need within the biscuit, cookie and cracker sectors. A continuing program of scientific research has produced a range that combines simplicity of operation, cleaning and maintenance with industry-leading levels of efficiency.

Stable baking environment for any product profile

Each zone is specified to achieve the desired baking profile, with independent temperature, extraction and airflow control. The HiCirc modules can also be combined with Direct Gas Fired technology to form a hybrid TruBake™ oven. This brings additional flexibility to the baking process by adding the ability for radiant non-turbulent or very high heat input at the beginning of baking.

Modular, hygienic design maximizes floor space

Multiple modules are arranged on site to form an oven with separate heating zones. Blowers and burners are located above the oven, creating free aisles and more available floor space surrounding the oven. Large cleanout doors are located every 2.1m (7ft) for improved hygiene and maintenance access.

Savings in fuel and maintenance

Not having a heat exchanger results in a much faster temperature response time and a 40:1 turndown range. As well as delivering a high heat flux to bake a full range of products, this results in significant savings in both fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Integrated power and gas meters
  • Band return covers, with or without insulation
  • Oven band pre-heat
  • UPS for emergency wind out
  • Stainless steel outer covers and/or inner case
  • Band cleaner
  • Oven exit waste heat recovery (convection oven)
  • Bake chamber humidity monitoring
  • Bake chamber steam injection
  • Band types
  • Extraction hood over oven discharge
  • Cross conveyor reject at oven discharge
  • Automatic damper control via HMI

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