TruBake™ Direct Gas Fired Ovens

Combines radiant and convective heat in varying proportions along its length.

Predictable and consistent baking

Baker Perkins’ TruBake™ Direct Gas Fired (DGF) oven offers great flexibility in its baking characteristics. The heat comes from ribbon burners mounted above and below the band assisted by an air circulation (turbulence) system. It can handle a full selection of products, from biscuits to hard crackers and soft cookies.

Baker Perkins Biscuit Oven Range

Baker Perkins’ ovens fulfil every need within the biscuit, cookie and cracker sectors. A continuing programme of scientific research has produced a range that combines simplicity of operation, cleaning and maintenance with industry-leading levels of efficiency.

Predictable and consistent baking

The TruBake™ DGF has the ability to combine radiant and convective heat in varying proportions along the length of the oven. The heat input and airflow are

laterally balanced, and the extraction and turbulence systems can be independently adjusted. These features make control of the oven completely predictable and enables the ideal size, color, moisture and thickness of product to be consistently achieved.

High productivity

The oven has been designed to ensure that airflow is managed in an efficient and predictable way. The burners, extraction system and turbulence system operate together to give accurate and predictable control, with a consistent bake across the oven band for high product quality. PLC control with full recipe management ensures fast and repeatable set-up with minimum waste.

Easy to operate

A touch-screen with intuitive controls and clear display of the process provides operators with all the information needed to run the oven efficiently. Heating and airflow all respond in a linear manner making it easy to achieve and maintain optimum baking conditions. Control of the burners and visibility of the burner profiles in the PLC also simplifies understanding of the process.

  • For many products the best baking conditions are achieved by combining DGF modules with Baker Perkins’ HiCirc Convection modules in the same oven.
  • DGF baking can vary from low temperature, non-turbulent and high humidity for cookies through to high temperature, high turbulence for crackers.
  • Convection offers rapid air movement for efficient drying and coloring of most products.
  • This versatility allows the optimum baking conditions for any product to be achieved.

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