Supplied Air Extruder (SAE) Hood

Key Conveying Component in Pet Food and Food Extrusion Process

The Supplied Air Extruder (SAE) Hood is a key component of the Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials (FPM) high feature Supplied Air Negative Airlift which conveys extrudate from extruder to dryer with HEPA filtered or treated convey air instead of potentially contaminated air from the extruder room floor. This is important to all pet food producers concerned with avoiding finished product bacterial contamination after the extrusion kill step.

  • Airflow patterns within the hood are nearly identical to standard updraft hoods
  • Production sampling procedure is the same as standard updraft hoods
  • Gasket-free, machined mating surfaces for particle tight, low maintenance operation
  • Small footprint design allows for close extruder spacing
  • Compatible with existing dies and knife drives
  • Suitable for heat or chemical sanitation processes
  • Internal moving parts protect operators from pinch points

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