ST/STC (Square Top Removal) Pulse Jet Filter 

Industrial Dust Collector

Square-housing Top-removal (ST) are similar to the AVS filter, but with top removal. 

The ST is a square bodied pulse jet cleaned filter unit designed to handle low air volumes up to 9,000m³/hr., dependent on the material being filtered. The product is designed for applications where floor space is limited, as bags are removed vertically from the top clean section rather than from the side via a hinged opening access door. It is also ideal for hazardous dusts, since no access is required into the ‘dirty’ side of the filter during bag changing. 

The same basic filter housing can also be fitted with pleated cartridges to offer higher filtration efficiencies and more filter area. The filter is then designated as an STC (Square Top removal Cartridge), and can handle air volumes up to 15,000m³/hr. 

Design features of ST/STC pulse jet filters include: 

  • The filter media is installed and removed through the clean air plenum of the filter. 
  • Hinged top doors allow clean air access to filter media. 
  • Fast change out of filter media. 

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