SpaceSaver Dust Collector 

Industrial Dust Collector

The SpaceSaver Dust Collector is a low profile, compact filter which is ideal for installations where there is a need for high efficiency dust collection but has limited footprint space or headroom and also for areas that are not easily connected to central dust collection systems. It is designed to handle a range of air volumes from approximately 850 to 25,000 m³/hr., dependent on the type of dust and the number of modules employed. The cartridges installed in the SpaceSaver Dust Collector are oval and a narrow pleat type, with over 10m² of media being packed into a relatively small cartridge, therefore ensuring that the filter is as compact as possible. 

Design features of the SpaceSaver Dust Collector include: 

  • The patented cleaning mechanism thoroughly pulses the cartridges using directed airflow. 
  • Saves energy with more efficient use of compressed air, and cartridge life is also extended to reduce consumable costs. 
  • Maintenance is completely tool free for changing the cartridge. 
  • Unique blowpipe configuration reduces maintenance time. 
  • Quick release handles allow fast, tool-less removal of the entire pipe section. 

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