Small Batch & Laboratory Scale Biscuit Equipment

TruClean™ Wirecut Mini and TruClean™ 390 Rotary Moulder Mini

Precisely reproduce the process of full-size machines

Baker Perkins’ TruClean™ Wirecut Mini and TruClean™ 390 Rotary Moulder Mini are small batch, laboratory scale machines that are the perfect size for companies engaged in product development, ingredient and recipe testing, or process troubleshooting. They are also ideal for short run production of artisan or nutraceutical baked products, where flexibility and rapid changeover are important.

A laboratory-scale rotary molder and wirecut that reproduce precisely the process of their full-size equivalents. They enable multiple trials to be carried out quickly and cost effectively. The results can be scaled up accurately to a production environment.

New product development, ingredient testing, and process troubleshooting are all accomplished with the minimum of time, effort and money. The Wirecut can produce a full range of cookies and bars. The Rotary Moulder is used to produce molded cookies, mini cookies, sandwich cookies and pet treats. The machines are designed for research and development, ingredient and formulation testing, process troubleshooting, and short production runs in businesses looking to expand.

TruClean™ Wirecut Mini

  • 18” or 24” wide

TruClean™ 390 Rotary Moulder Mini

  • 8” or 12” die roll width
  • Optional conveyor system for depositing onto pans

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