Shred Master Systems

Rolls to form cooked cereal into multi-layered shredded cereals and snacks

Shredding rolls form cooked cereal into distinctive, multi-layered shredded cereals and snacks, including malted wheat squares, multi-layered shredded wheats, 2, 3, or 4 layer corn or rice snacks, and shaped or filled products.

Baker Perkins can supply the equipment and process knowledge for the manufacture of a range of distinctive shredded cereal and snacks, including multi-layered shredded wheats, 2, 3, or 4 layer corn, rice or wheat squares, and shaped or filled products.

Widened appeal, interest and variety

Shredding provides an alternative to traditional flaking by forming the cooked cereal into layered shredded or strand type products, such as shredded squares, shredded wheat and mini shredded wheats. Filled products are also possible, giving greater flexibility and product opportunities for cereal or snack manufacturers.

Healthy alternative to traditional cereal or snacks

Many shredded products contain just a single ingredient, making them attractive to consumers seeking a healthy diet. Products are usually based on corn, wheat, bran or rice; the grains are processed without the need for additional ingredients, giving them impeccable health credentials and enabling their natural taste to be enhanced by a wide range of flavors and seasoning.

Process expertise at every stage

A complete line for shredded products incorporates cereal cookers, dryers, shredding rolls and an oven for toasting the product. We offer a series of best-in-class unit machines for each key technology, and an unrivalled ability to combine them into a profitable, efficient, flexible line.

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