ServoForm mini

Small Batch Depositor

Consistent high quality and accuracy

Baker Perkins’ ServoForm Mini small batch depositor sits at the heart of a manually operated production line capable of producing deposited candies, gummies, jellies, toffees and lollipops at piece weights ranging from 2g to 16g. The hygienic nature of the ServoForm Mini makes it especially ideal for production to validation standards for healthcare products.

Baker Perkins’ ServoForm Mini Depositor

The ServoForm Mini brings the benefits of depositing to companies producing confectionery in small batches, including manufacturers of medicinal and healthcare products. It is also an ideal development tool for established producers.

The ServoForm™ Mini depositor is part of a low-output production line capable of producing a variety of confectionery from jellies, hard candies, lollipops and toffee to high-value medicated or functional products.

Hygienic small-batch production

The hygienic nature of the starch-free ServoForm™ Mini makes it ideal for production to validation standards for healthcare products. Outputs reach 50kg/hour.

Consistent high quality

A high quality, smooth product has a consistent size and shape, and high piece weight accuracy.  Low scrap rate, quick product changeovers and continuous processing mean a rapid payback.

Production to validation standards

This servo-driven, short run system is designed for medicated or functional environments, entry-level operations or experimental and development work in larger operations.

  • Indexing mold conveyor
  • Electrically heated hopper
  • Single hopper for one color products
  • Optional second hopper for two color or center filled products
  • Optional mold lift for center fillings or viscous products
  • Full PLC controls
  • Quick product changeover
  • Up to 40 strokes/min
  • 2g to 16g product weight

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