ServoForm Lollipop Depositors 

High Output Production Depositors

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Baker Perkins’ modular ServoForm depositing systems comprise a depositor head with a specified starch-free mold set, stick placement, and cooling tunnel. A full range of equipment, from cooking and depositing to product finishing, allows Baker Perkins to offer everything needed to set up a starch-free molding line to provide continuous, fully automatic confectionery production process.

Baker Perkins’ ServoForm Lollipop Depositors

For ball, spherical and flat lollipops the Baker Perkins ServoForm™ depositor range provides better product quality, greater efficiency and higher throughput than any other system or process. The one-shot depositing process combines up to four colors and components in a single product.

Starch-free cooking and depositing produces the highest quality confectionery, with the flexibility to make an almost unlimited product variety.

Product options

Baker Perkins’ ServoForm™ depositors can produce the three main types of lollipop – flat lollipops in a variety of shapes; the classic ball pop; and our creative double ball lollipop.

Consumer appeal

Continuing success depends on innovation. Starch-free depositing of stripes, swirls, layers and hard or soft center-fillings, all with vibrant colors, plus a glossy finish and a smooth taste provide unlimited scope for product variety.

Complete production lines

As well as the ServoForm™ depositor, Baker Perkins’ lollipop systems include automatic weighing, feeding, dissolving, and color / flavor / acid addition, plus the industry-standard Microfilm™ cooker, and an automatic stick insertion system.

Nominal Plant WidthsMin Piece WeightMax SpeedMax Output
1g55 strokes/min (110 rows/min)840kg/hr
  • Extra sets of interchangeable carrier molds
  • Spare hoppers for rapid changeover
  • Hopper removal carriage
  • Hopper agitators for viscous masses
  • Refrigerated cooling
  • Four-pass cooling tunnel
  • Servo-controlled mould lift
  • Powder addition feeder

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