ServoForm Jelly & Gummy Depositors 

High Output Production Depositors

Consistent high quality and accuracy

Baker Perkins’ modular ServoForm depositing systems comprise a depositor head with a specified starch-free mold set and cooling tunnel. A full range of equipment, from cooking and depositing to product finishing, allows Baker Perkins to offer everything needed to set up a starch-free molding line to provide continuous, fully automatic confectionery production process.

Baker Perkins’ ServoForm™ 3D Jelly & Gummy Depositor

Fully three dimensional jellies are a high-value, high-margin segment of the fast-growing jelly market. Depositing is the only method capable of manufacturing these complex shapes at high outputs and with low production costs. Baker Perkins’ unique 3D mold technology allows rapid and low-cost shape changes, bringing the benefits of starch-free depositing to the 3D jelly market. 

Baker Perkins‘ ServoForm™ Jelly depositors deliver the highest levels of jelly and gummy quality and consistency, while its capability to produce solid, striped, layered and filled confectionery in either 2D or full-form 3D formats opens up new avenues for creative product development.


Starch-free moulding is the most cost-effective production method for jellies, gummies and fruit snacks. Small footprint, low energy costs and elimination of starch reduce capital and running costs.

Validation for Functional & Medicated Applications

This range of high output continuous depositing systems is completely hygienic and capable of validation for all types of functional, medicated and pharmaceutical confectionery.

Complete process

Baker Perkins can assist with every stage of bringing a new product to market. In addition to supplying the process technology for cooking and depositing, we advise on ingredients, formulation and process parameters and carry out product and process development trials in our Innovation Center.

Nominal Plant WidthsMin Piece WeightMax SpeedMax Output
1g55 strokes/min (110 rows/min)1,900kg/hr
  • Silicone or metal air-ejection molds
  • Extra sets of interchangeable carrier molds
  • Spare hoppers for rapid changeover
  • Hopper removal carriage
  • Hopper agitators for viscous masses
  • Refrigerated cooling
  • Four-pass cooling tunnel
  • Servo-controlled mold lift
  • Powder addition feeder

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