SBX Master Twin Screw Extruder

Designed with the flexibility to make a wide range of starch or protein based products at high output and high efficiency

Baker Perkins’ versatile SBX Master twin-screw extruders provide continuous production at outputs from 250 to 2,500kg/hour, depending on formulation.

The extruders can be configured for a wide range of applications, including high and low moisture Texturized Vegetable Proteins (TVP), ingredients, and a broad range of direct expanded and co-extruded cereals and snacks.

Baker Perkins’ Direct Expanded Snack Line

A commercial line making direct expanded snacks at high output on a Baker Perkins SBX Master Extruder.

The versatile SBX Master™ Twin-Screw Extruder has been designed with the flexibility to make a wide range of starch or protein-based products at high output and high efficiency. From the preconditioner, high-torque gearbox and agitator assemblies, every aspect of the machine has been optimized to provide flexibility with consistency, high quality and low production costs.

High outputs for extruded foods and ingredients

Segmented agitators, a heated/cooled modular barrel, a high-torque gearbox and a wide range of dies and cutting/forming options provide the capability to make any kind of extruded ingredient or food product.

Efficient, low-cost production

High-free volume screw geometry maintains output on fine-milled materials, while programmed routines reduce waste during start and stop. There is easy access for cleaning and maintenance, and a robust drive train for long service life.

Designed with hygiene in mind

The SBX Master™ is constructed from stainless steel with an open frame design and minimum open piping and cabling to make cleaning quick and simple, whatever the application.

High-torque capacity gearbox

Improves reliability and increases range of products that can be made.

Gearbox condition monitoring system reduces unexpected downtime. A simple system continuously monitors the frequency and amplitude of vibrations within the gearbox, allowing the ongoing condition of vital components to be measured.

Powerful controls

PLC control with touch screen interface provides full process visualization, recipe edits, alarm management and start-up and shutdown sequencing.

Low-maintenance AC motor

With accurate speed and torque output that increase process control.

Open frame

For hygiene and easy cleaning.

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