Raymond® Ultrafine Mill

For ultra fine product ranges

The Raymond® Ultrafine Mill System is designed to produce extremely fine powders for use in various applications including coatings, fillers, and pigments. The mill system will generate products as fine as 50% passing 2 microns or as coarse as 50% passing 20 microns.

The Raymond® Ultra Fine Mill is an air-swept vertical ring-roll mill with integral classification. A vertical shaft rotates an assembly of convex rolls inside multiple concave grinding zones. As the unit turns, centrifugal force drives the rolls against the grinding ring. Feed material enters the top of the grinding zones and flows down through the grinding elements via gravity to a material spreading plate where it is distributed by centrifugal force and discharges into the process gas stream. The gas stream flows upward in the annular space around the grinding zones to the turbine classifier where the coarse particles get separated and returned to the grinding zone while acceptable material flows to product collection in a pulse jet dust collector.


  • Efficient ultra fine grinding with low specific energy consumption
  • Low classifier speed, high fineness separation
  • Compact mill and classifier arrangement.
  • Flexible grinding element arrangement to suit product requirements.
  • Low investment cost

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