Raymond® Jet-Stream™ Classifier

Classify ultra fine powders with greater uniformity

The Raymond® Jet-Stream™ Classifier is designed to meet exacting product specifications in applications requiring the production of such ultra-fine powders (10micron APS and lower), coatings, extenders, fillers, pigments, ceramics and metallic powders, cosmetics and chemicals.

Improved uniformity and fineness control of product

The Raymond® Jet-Stream™ Classifier design permits high turbine periphery speeds at reduced airflows and allows for maximum control of both particle top size and distribution by varying these turbine speeds and airflows. Excellent control of average particles size, to as low as one micron, can be achieved.

Optimum recovery of product

Conventional fine classifying systems recirculate air, causing a greater amount of fine material to be entrained in the tailings, while the Jet-Stream Classifier uses a single pass airflow design.

Less thermal degradation of product

Once-through airflow provides for a cooler product, because recirculated heat does not build up within the classifying system.

The Raymond® Jet-Stream™ Classifier is extremely well suited for use in closed circuit with a pulverizer. When used in this manner, it greatly improves the efficiency of the pulverizing operation, thereby lowering overall system costs

Raymond® Jet-Stream™ system design features include:

  • Improved feed introduction
  • Material is introduced into the air stream before it enters the classifier. This assures uniform dispersion of material in the air stream as it flows into the classifier and results in improved efficiency.
  • Secondary air recovery
  • Some irregularly shaped particles or sticky materials tend to agglomerate within the classifier tailings. The Jet-Stream Classifier introduces secondary air to the tailings cone, which helps recover those particles by cleaning the fine material from the tailings.
  • Flexible operation
  • Easily varied rotor speed and airflow results in immediate change and stabilization of the system. Systems with a high pressure drop and recirculation require a much longer period of time to reach equilibrium.

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