Raymond® IMP Mill

Low cost grinding of a variety of materials

The Raymond® Series 3 Imp™ Mill is a versatile and dependable high-speed air-swept swing hammer impact mill designed for fine and medium grinding of soft non-metallic minerals, coals, various chemical compounds, food products and other materials. Almost any solid material with a nominal 1 inch top size that is softer than 2 on the Mohs Scale can be effectively pulverized to a fineness from 1,000 microns to as little as5 microns. The Raymond® Imp™ Mill system has the flexibility needed to allow it to both pulverize and dry the material simultaneously.

Standard system

The Raymond® Series 3 Imp™ Mill system is the ideal solution to many size reduction applications requiring pulverizing of a variety of materials. A typical system consists of the Imp™ Mill with either rotary or vibratory feeder, elevated in-stream classifier, system fan and cyclone. This basic configuration has proven itself the world over.

Raymond® Imp™Mill system with flash calcining

In addition to free moisture, some materials, such as gypsum, contain chemically bound water, which must be removed in order to change the physical characteristics of the material. This process, known as calcining, can be easily accomplished with a Raymond® Imp™ Mill system. Essentially similar to flash drying, the Raymond® Imp™ Mill system with flash calcining is provided with a number of special features which make it suitable for the higher temperatures involved. Our experience in the processing of gypsum, by-product gypsum and waste wallboard provides our customers with a single source of equipment supply for processing gypsum and the manufacturing of gypsum wallboard stucco.

Raymond® Imp™Mill system with flash drying

Many materials contain a certain amount of free water in the form of moisture that must be removed in order to increase the value of the pulverized material and to allow it to be handled more efficiently. The Raymond® Imp™ Mill system with flash drying requires a source of heated air that can be in the form of a fired air heater or waste heat source. The heated air is used to flash dry the material as it is pulverized and swept from the mill. Depending on the initial moisture content of the feed, a portion of the dried product may be combined with the moist feed material in a double paddle mixer. This “conditioned” feed is easier to handle and is more efficiently dried and pulverized. A vent is provided to remove a portion of the moist air and the balance of the warm air is returned to the system where it is mixed with fresh, warm air coming from the air heater.


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