Raymond® Fine Grinding Roller Mill


The Raymond® fine grinding roller mill (US Patent Nos. 7665681 and 7963471) was specifically designed to achieve a product size distribution with d50 measurement of less than 10 microns. Available as new roller mills or as a retrofit to your existing mill.

Available as new roller mills or as a retrofit to your existing mill.


  • Mill side baffle
  • Optimized plow configuration to enhance mill performance for achieving the required product fineness.
  • Compared to conventional roller (pendulum) mill
  • Achieves finer product
  • Increases production rate by 10-15% for products possessing d50 measurements of less than 10 microns
  • Smoother, quieter mill operation

Principle of operation

The Raymond® fine grinding roller mill is an air-swept vertical pendulum mill with integral classification. A vertical shaft rotates an assembly of grinding journals /rolls inside the grinding zone. As the unit turns, centrifugal force drives the rolls against the grinding ring. Feed material enters the mill from the top of the grinding zone and moves down to the mill bottom by gravity. It is then lifted up by plows from the mill bottom to the nip area of the grinding rolls and ring where the grinding occurs. The plows rotate about the center shaft together with the journal rolls assembly. The ground material is discharged into the process airstream.

The airstream flows through nozzles beneath the bull-ring carrying the pulverized material upward to the dynamic classifier where the coarse particles are separated and returned to the grinding zone, while acceptable materials exits the mill to product collection in a cyclone or a baghouse.

With the conventional roller mill design, when fine grinding, the classifier tails (rejected particles) are also quite fine and can be easily entrained into the airstream. However, the fine grinding roller mills is designed with a separate path for the coarse reject material to travel 


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