Power Dough Feeder

Self-contained systems that feed soft dough into wirecut machines or rotary molders

Handle every type of dough for biscuits, cookies and crackers

Power Dough Feeders are self-contained systems that feed soft dough into wirecut machines or rotary molders. They take bulk dough from the mixer and deliver an accurately metered, consistent feed of kibbled dough to the forming machine.

When used in conjunction with a Baker Perkins HS mixer, the dough is transferred automatically into the power dough feeder. Sensors in the forming machine hopper monitor dough level: a consistent head of dough in the hopper assists accurate dough piece weight control.

There is excellent access for cleaning. The bottom conveyor can be completely withdrawn, and the hopper sides removed, leaving the frame completely exposed and accessible. Power dough feeders are directly coupled to the mixer and accept full mixes of dough. The receiving hopper has a full-width conveyor belt that feeds bulk dough into a pair of feed rolls that breaks up and partially sheets it.  An inclined conveyor feeds dough pieces to the forming machine hopper.

Dough feed systems comprise a range of unit machines and conveyors that transport dough from the mixer and provide either a bulk feed or metered feed to the forming machine. Alongside the self-contained power dough feed system, other dough feed units and options include:

  • Elevators and tipping machines
  • Two-roll dough feeders
  • Live bottom bins
  • Conveyors
  • Dough kibblers
  • Metal detectors

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