Plug or Blade (PV/BV) Diverter Valve

High-Efficiency Airlock

PV/BV diverter valves are designed for pellet handling applications at temperatures of 250°F maximum and line pressures up to 15 psi.

The Plug Valve model incorporates an internal plug and the Blade Valve model incorporates an internal blade to direct the flow of material and air through the valve housing. The internal plug or blade is rotated either 150° (30) or 135° (45) forward or backwards in the housing; this permits either diverted or straight-through material flow. The plug or blade is supported by shaft bearings or bushings in the two end plates.

The plug or blade is positioned either by a double-acting rack and pinion pneumatic actuator or by a manual handle. The pneumatic or manual actuator is fastened directly to the shaft of the plug or blade. Plug/blade position is indicated by a position switch on pneumatic models, and a visual indicator on manual models.

The housing is rendered leak-tight by plug periphery O-ring seals on PV models and packing gland shaft seals on BV models.


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