MPX24 Integra small batch twin-screw extruder 

Small batch production extruder designed specifically for thermoset applications 

Compact and portable for small batch and low-output continuous production   

This small batch production extruder is designed specifically for thermoset applications such as powder coating, toners and electronic molding compounds (EMC). A chill roll and flaking unit are fully integrated giving a complete process in a portable machine.  Repeatable results can be consistently reproduced on production scale machines.

The compact and versatile MPX24 features fully integrated top feeding, chill roll and a flaking unit to offer a complete process in a portable machine, with the addition of our patented MAX3 feed system throughput is increased by >30%.

With its intuitive interface and simple controls, the MPX24 is user-friendly and suitable for use in a laboratory for new product and process development, or in a production environment for tasks such as color matching and small batch or low-output continuous production. The MPX24 delivers repeatable results that can be consistently reproduced on production-scale machines.

It offers accurate scale-up to production outputs for a risk-free switch to larger batches and continuous processing.

  • High free-volume barrel design
  • Patented MAX3 high intake feed system for increased throughputs
  • One-piece horizontally split clamshell barrel enables easy access and fast and thorough cleaning
  • Splined agitator shafts to distribute torque evenly
  • Fully integrated chill roll and flaking unit with discharge conveyor bypass
  • Electrically heated/water cooled barrel for responsive and efficient temperature control
  • Slab heaters provide more uniform heating and easy maintenance
  • Insert style liners for ease of maintenance and reduced costs
  • Control system with simple touchscreen interface and secure, remote access for updates and troubleshooting

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