MPX19 Benchtop Twin-screw Extruder   

Ideal for academic, laboratory, and development work 

Examine process problems, extend product lines, and develop new processes  

The MPX19 is ideal for academic, laboratory and development work, including examining process problems, extending product lines, and developing new processes. It is an ideal tool for companies moving from batch to continuous processing to establish processing parameters to match existing products.

Designed for laboratory environments, the versatile MPX19 Benchtop Extruder is pre-configured to meet the rigorous demands of R&D work, whether you are investigating process challenges, extending existing product lines or developing new processes or products.

With its intuitive interface and simple controls, the MPX19 is user friendly and ready to work with you and your materials, providing you with reliable and repeatable data that will support your decision making. It offers accurate scale-up to production outputs for a risk-free switch to larger batches and continuous processing.

  • Clamshell barrel for easy access and cleaning
  • Splined agitator shafts for increased reliability
  • Segmented screws allow ultimate flexibility for screw profile design
  • Electrically heated / water cooled barrel for accurate temperature control
  • PLC control
  • Data trending
  • Barrel lengths up to 40 L/D
  • Top and side feeders
  • Chill roll
  • Additional top and side feed ports

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