MPX twin-screw production extruder range

A comprehensive range of production-scale twin-screw extruders

For outputs from 100kg small batch applications to 2,900 kg high-output lines

Baker Perkins supplies a comprehensive range of production scale twin-screw extruders for outputs from 100kg small batch applications to 2,900 kg high-output machines. The extruders have been specifically engineered to maintain consistent quality while keeping running costs low.

Baker Perkins’ MPX30 to MPX80 Production Extruders are specifically engineered twin-screw extruders for small batches of 100kg/hr to high-output continuous production (up to 2,900kg/hr). The extruders are designed for all types of powder coating formulations, including epoxy, hybrids, polyester, acrylics and fines recycling.

Unique MAX³ feed system for increased throughput

Baker Perkins’ patented MAX³ feed system features unique feed port and screw designs to improve flow of material into the extruder barrel and air out of it, contributing to higher throughput. Lightweight, low-density materials are now handled more efficiently, eliminating the need for side feeding, reducing capital cost, floor space and running costs.

Consistent quality with low production and maintenance costs

High torque-capacity, high free-volume geometry and uniform barrel heating ensure that consistency is maintained under all operating conditions. Quick start-up, reliable operation and rapid changeover keep operating costs low. All wear parts are long-lasting and easily replaced and, when combined with the ultra-low maintenance drive train, result in minimal maintenance costs.

Easy to use and easy to clean

Straightforward set-up and adjustment means that very little operator attention is required for efficient running. The clamshell barrel can be opened quickly and easily for regular cleaning or changing the screws, while the open-frame design and high ground clearance mean that it is very easy to keep the area around the machine clean.

  • Advanced barrel cooling system decreases response times
  • Through-shaft cooling minimizes the risk of pre-curing (MPX 50, 65 and 80 extruders)
  • Easy access barrel for safe removal of shafts
  • Multiple feed options
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Industry 4.0 ready

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