Microfilm Continuous Cooker

High-efficiency continuous cooking systems for virtually any type of sugar confectionery.

The Microfilm™ blends industry-standard process technologies within a modular design to create a series of high-efficiency continuous cooking systems for virtually any type of sugar confectionery.

Baker Perkins Microfilm™ Cooker for Confectionery Syrups

The Baker Perkins Microfilm™ cooker is at the heart of the Baker Perkins AutoCook™ range of flexible cooking systems. The rapid, thin-film cooking process is unique and delivers consistent high quality across a wide range of sugar, low sugar and sugar-free confectionery products.

The Microfilm™ cooker sits at the heart of Baker Perkins’ range of flexible cooking systems. Its unique, thin-film cooking process delivers consistent high quality across many types of sugar and sugar-free confectionery syrups for hard candy, cream and high-milk.

High quality cooking by a rapid swept thin-film process

The Microfilm™ dissolves sugar slurries and converts them to final-moisture syrups using a three-stage cooking process. Combined with precise control, this continuous process ensures that both quality and consistency are rigorously maintained.

Easy to operate, clean and maintain

Fully automatic PLC control with a touch screen HMI provides full process visualisation, recipe management and alarm handling. Routine cleaning is by a simple flush-through procedure, with chemical cleaning required infrequently. All major maintenance items can be reached from outside the frame.

Improved water and energy efficiency

The continuous process produces very little waste and is efficient in its use of energy and water. Vapor drawn during cooking is condensed in a heat exchanger, so no cooling water is sent to waste, while steam used to heat the Microfilm™ tube is condensed and converted into low pressure steam to heat the dissolver plate heat exchanger. An optional system to reclaim heat from flash vapor is also available.

  • Twin rotors for high output
  • Indirect or direct vacuum condenser systems
  • Atmospheric cooking with pumped discharge
  • Liquid acid metering system
  • Large collecting chamber for development of color and flavor for high-milk candies
  • Vacuum evaporator skid for sugar-free cooking with direct or indirect condenser
  • Dairy ingredient preparation and injection system for high milk and cream candies 

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