Low Rate Vacuum Receiver

Conveying System for Handling Raw Materials and Finished Products

Designed with both industrial and hygienic models the Low Rate Vacuum (LRV) Receiver is a 1.8 ft³ (50L) capacity vacuum conveyor or vacuum loader for handling both raw materials and finished products. It can be easily integrated into a wide range of production processes by incorporating the world leading technologies and expertise of Schenck Process pneumatic conveying, weighing and feeding equipment to provide a highly accurate and controlled flow of materials. The LRV simplifies transfer of materials from a bulk bag unloader, a bag dump station, or a gaylord box via a vacuum wand to your feeders or downstream processes.

  • Contamination free transfer of materials
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Quickly refill loss-in-weight feeders with pellets, flake material and other additives
  • Convey materials up to 5,000 lbs./hr

The Hygienic version of the LRV Receiver has these additional features:

  • Interior and exterior finishes to meet 3-A sanitary requirements
  • Holds a 3-A RPACQC Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate for (39-01) Pneumatic Conveyors for Dry Products and a 3-A RPSCQC Certificate for (608-02) Instantizing Systems.

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