Loss in weight (LIW)


The LIW screw-weighfeeder is a complete feed system with extensive variants to fulfill requirements for different feed rates, bulk solids characteristics and application-specific ancillary conditions as specifically as possible.

The LIW system is designed as speed-controlled screw-weighfeeder for continuous feeding of bulk solids. Material is by screws extracted directly from the weighbin. The activator in the bin ensures the even emptying and distribution of material to the two feeding screws.

The advantages of the screw weighfeeder are:

  • Wide performance spectrum, for material with bulk density between 0.05 – 0.7 t/m³ (3-44 lbs/ft³) can take hoppers of up to 6m³ (212ft³)
  • Completely closed system, environmentally friendly
  • Fire-resistant when flammable mixture is fed into furnace, prevents its further propagation
  • Shortest possible delivery times thanks to the modular construction and prefabricated elements
  • Suitable for feeding into the rotary feeder of pneumatic transport, flange to placing of a filter or pressure compensation.
  • Mechatronics design with dependable, tried and tested compact drives
  • Large power reserves for dependable operation even under difficult operating conditions
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Delivered with screw-weighfeeder mounted in a frame – easy installation
  • All purchased components (drives, bearings, switches,…) from leading manufacturers

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