Legal Weight Rail Scale


Legal-for-trade, dynamic train scales for all lines

High-precision weighing

The dynamic train scale for weighing trains and rail cars is now a minor classic! No wonder: intelligent solutions are worth their while and deliver cost and time savings.

Legal Weight Rail Scale pays its way as a legal-for-trade application from the outset. It provides high-precision rail car weighing using fast and legal-for-trade calibrated weighing of the goods during transit, irrespective of whether individual rail cars or whole trains are being weighed.

Liquids are some of the most valuable goods and when it comes to measuring them, every kilogram counts. They also move about more than any other type of goods, and can actually only be measured accurately when completely still.

Legal Weight Rail Scale has been optimized for weighing liquids while eliminating disturbing factors. This certified system enables you to weigh with precision almost any type of wagon or complete train sets. If not being weighed, wagons can travel at the permissible speed for the track.

The system is also optimized for monitoring wheel, axle and wagon load and the position of center of gravity of the wagon.


Legal-for-trade dynamic weighing to OIML R 106, class 0.5 and 0.2. Can be used within a temperature range from –10°C to +40°C, for solids and liquids. Used in logistics as the basis for invoicing.


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