KEK Universal Mill 

High performance fine grinding

Intermediate mills and granulators  

The KEK Universal Mill is a high performing milling machine, with interchangeable grinding media to maximize processing versatility and capability. Available with a closed-loop air recycle milling design, the Universal Mill ensures minimal moisture absorption.

A Universal Mill provides high performing one-pass fine grinding. This type of Kemutec Mill is ideal for when a controlled reduction in particle size is needed, coupled with a high degree of fineness.

Universal Milling Machines are commonly used in the fine-food processing industries, such as those who grind spices, salt and sugar. Due to its performance, it is also a popular choice of Mill for those working in the powder sectors, including chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Universal Mill for Fine Grinding of Powders | KEK Kemutec

Kemutec’s KEK Universal Mill is used for grinding fine powders and offers high energy, one-pass grinding capabilities, as well as other advantageous features including interchangeable grinding media, to maximize process versatility and precision.

To allow for maximum process performance and minimal downtime, the KEK Universal Mill is available with a variety of interchangeable grinding media, such as turbine and screen grinding components, as well as pinned disc grinding media.

Specially designed to provide capabilities of unsurpassed performance and controlled fine-milled particle size, this type of Mill processes material to a D50 of 100μ to 20μ.

Another design advantage is that it allows for flexible system integration. As an effect, fitting the mill is easy in both new production lines or existing, while the integration of a hinged and interlocking door enables easy access for simple maintenance and inspection.

To ensure minimal moisture absorption and to maintain material integrity, the Universal features a specialized closed-loop ‘airless’ design. For heat-sensitive product, optional temperature control and full cryogenic grinding capabilities are available. This also helps grind materials that are difficult to process at ambient temperatures, by first cooling the material to a rate in which it can then be successfully ground.

  • Fine grinding capabilities, through unrivalled milling performance
  • Interchangeable grinding media, for precision processing
  • Minimal moisture absorption, enabling material integrity
  • Optional temperature control and cryogenic grinding
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Easy to integrate
  • Models to suit a variety of materials
  • Interchangeable grinding media for maximum process performance and minimal downtime
  • High performance, for superior fine grinding
  • Milled particle size range down to a  D50 – 100μ to 20μ
  • Can be custom integrated into an existing system, for maximum design flexibility
  • Closed-loop “airless” milling, for minimal moisture absorption
  • Temperature controlled and cryogenic grinding available

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