KEK Cone Mill  

Versatile milling & grinding

Intermediate mills and granulators

A Cone Mill will carefully mill and grind material, at high speed, to produce a uniform and consistent size. The KEK Cone Mill is globally recognized as one of the most versatile size reduction milling machines, due to the wide range of materials it processes. The KEK range includes the widest available, from lab through to bulk production and are widely used in the food processing industries, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical processing.

KEK Cone Mills have the ability to take a wide range of feed material and produce an equally wide range of product, making this milling machine ideal for intermediate sizing in both wet and dry granulation. For maximum process versatility, it also includes variable speed control.

Granulation Grinding Cone Mill Machine from Kemutec for Gentle Milling

For granulation applications – the Kemutec KEK Grinding Cone Mill is recognized as one of the most versatile size reduction grinding mill machines in the food and powder processing industry.

KEK Cone Mills gently grind material at high speed to produce a product that is uniform and consistent size.

For reliable and hygienic size reduction, Kemutec’s KEK Cone Mill includes the widest range available, from lab through to bulk production. KEK Cone Mills are a popular choice across the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries due to their ability to mill and gently grind a wide variety of materials, from 4mm to <250 micron, at either low or high speed.

  • Grinds material into a uniform size, ensuring consistent quality control
  • Versatile performance to mill and grind a wide variety of materials
  • Ideal even for fatty, heat sensitive and moist products
  • Variable particle size ranging from D50 – 500μ to < 250μ
  • High efficiency operation, gentle grinding motion
  • Low dust; reducing air filtration installation costs
  • Low noise; benefiting the operator
  • Low levels of heat generation – essential for when milling heat sensitive products
  • Variable speed drive, for even greater control
  • Multiple drive configurations, providing higher flexibility

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