KEK Centrifugal Sifters – Pressure Design

High volume screening & sifting

For integration into vacuum or positive pressure systems

Kemutec’s KEK Centrifugal Sifters provide the ideal sifting and screening solution for dry powder and other bulk solids. A specialized ‘Cantilever’ design offers users unprecedented, high standards in hygiene. This is achieved through the machine’s easy access and rapid screen change functionality, averaging at just 30 seconds.

Centrifugal Sifter | Hygienic Design & Sifts High Volume | Kemutec KEK

Kemutec’s Centrifugal Sifter, KEK, provides the ideal screening solution for powder and granules. The Sifter is used to sift and screen high volumes of material, at high speed and with greater efficiency in comparison to other sifters.

A Centrifugal Sifter is used to sift and screen high volumes of material, at high speed and with greater efficiency in comparison to other sifters used by material producers, such as Food producers, as well as Pharmaceuticals and Chemical manufacturers.

The process of Sifting material not only allows for size classification; separating material that isn’t of the required size, but also ensures a ‘screening process’ by removing unwanted material and de-risking powder handling.

Rotary Sifters is also a common name for this type of centrifugal processing machine, as can be a Flour Sifter or Powder Sifter. The sieving process of powders and granules takes place in gravity and in-line applications, while output with KEK varies from over 90 tons per hour, down to a few pounds.

  • Provides size classification of material by sifting and separating out material that isn’t to the required size
  • Screens material to remove unwanted material and de-risk from contamination
  • Enables high-efficiency, high-speed performance
  • Quick and easy to clean, with hygienic cantilever design
  • NEW Paddle assembly design to provide an even more hygienic view
  • Cantilever shaft also ensures no oversize bearing or seal
  • 30 second screen changes, via easily removable sifter screen for inspection and cleaning
  • Additional easier inspection, cleaning and maintenance, due to oversized end door
  • Operator friendly – no tools typically required for stripping down and cleaning
  • Models that can process from a few kilograms per hour, to over 90 tons
  • Gravity and inline pneumatic conveying designs
  • 7 model sizes in range

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