Industrial Central Vacuum Systems 

Plant Housekeeping System for Controlling Dust and Managing Spills

Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials (FPM) central vacuum cleaning systems provide the following benefits for in- plant housekeeping: 

  • Removal of dust and spillage by vacuum cleaning maintains a healthy environment and reduces cross contamination caused through disturbance of dust from sweeping. 
  • The system has the benefits of reducing manual exertion for plant personnel, removal of all material during first pass and quick, easy removal of waste or collection for reuse. 
  • Schenck Process FPM’s vacuum cleaning solutions are also ATEX Compliant. 
  • Our expert filtration engineers will evaluate your process and recommend the best cleaning solution to address all your needs. Schenck Process FPM central vacuum systems are designed specifically to meet your plant cleaning requirements. We leverage six different separator configurations with various filter media along with providing a thorough particulate evaluation. 
  • Turnkey solutions include engineering, custom fabrication, installation and preventative maintenance. 

Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Systems Technologies 

Vacuum Source Depending on the needs of your application, the following technologies may be recommended: 

  • Multi-stage centrifugal exhausters (best for multi-user applications) 
  • Positive displacement pumps (best for bulk spill clean-up) 
  • Regenerative exhausters (best for smaller single-user situations) 
  • Providing a vacuum source is only part of the solution. The best exhauster available might be rendered useless if not paired with the best separator solution, and nobody offers more than Schenck Process FPM. 

  • Six Different Separator Configurations 
  • Hopper-bottom or bin-vent style 
  • Custom-designed support frames 
  • Bag or cartridge filters 
  • Horizontal or vertical filter orientation 
  • Clean or dirty side filter exchange 
  • Tangential, radial and rock-box inlets 

Keep your plant safe from dust, spills and other environmental hazards with the Schenck Process FPM industry central vacuum cleaning system. 


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